what are 2 and 3 rung ladder jacks

What are Ladder Jacks?

Ladder jacks are tools that are commonly used by both construction workers and DIY handyman to construct a temporary scaffold between two ladders when working at an elevated height.

single ladder jackLadder Jack Basics
A ladder jack is a triangular shaped device. When two ladder jacks are attached to two parallel ladders, they create the foundation to support a scaffold plank between them. The two ladders should be at the same angle to one another and placed on the same surface. This is useful to complete much of your tasks without having to move a single ladder quite often or having to climb up and down the ladder several times.

Ladder Jack Usage
There are two brackets on one side of the ladder jack triangle which is used to attach to two rungs of a ladder. The same process is then repeated for a second ladder which is typically placed about 10 feet away. The top section of the ladder jacks should be perpendicular to the ground. It is critical that the ladder jacks are level. Once the ladder jacks are securely in place, a scaffold plank can be placed on top of the two ladder jacks and fastened down to effectively create a secure scaffold setup.

Ladder Jack Advantages
Ladder jacks are relatively cheap and mainly used for their portability and cost effectiveness when compared to the cost of scaffolding. Unfortunately, the portability comes with a sacrifice of strength. Ladder jacks should only be used for light loads meaning no more than 2 people should occupy the scaffold plank at the same time.

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