sunset ladders are the ONLY american made ladders

Sunset Ladders Made in America

It is important for our nations pride and economy to support businesses whose products are made in the USA. Sunset Ladders and their affiliate ABSS Manufacturing began making their Sunset Ladder brand ladders back in 1997 and today their ladders are still made in America.

A product sticker that says Made in the USA does not guarantee that all parts are being manufactured in the USA. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) who regulates this claim requires that the product include parts that are MOSTLY manufactured in the USA. In fact, there is no established percentage. It is left to individual interpretation. And to make matters worse, the FTC does not investigate any businesses that use these stickers on their products unless a formal complaint has been registered with them.

Sunset Ladders brand ladders are the ONLY ladders made in America today; both parts manufacturing and assembly! Many of the well-known ladders brands, you know who they are, started out being manufactured in the USA, but due to the need to increase their profits, they are now being manufactured in other countries. Some might even make their parts in other countries and then assemble them in America, but this concept still defeats boosting our own economy and doesn’t fully support American manufacturers like Sunset Ladders and ABSS Manufacturing whose ladders are 100% Made in America.

So when it comes time to buy a ladder, think American Made, and buy ladders whose parts and assembly are Made in America; Sunset Ladders brand ladders.

sunset ladders are the only ladders made in america today

Buy American Made Ladders
When you’re ready to buy a new step ladder or extension ladder, consider buying an American-made ladder. In 1997, Sunset Ladder and Scaffold began manufacturing safe quality ladders. To this day, Sunset Ladder Brand ladders are the ONLY step ladders and extensions ladders made in America! The Sunset Ladder Brand ladders are sold through different online vendors and retails stores nationally. Sunset Ladder and Scaffold also sell directly to the public. Give them a call today to buy that American-made ladder! Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Website