step ladders versus plaform ladders, which works best for your job?

Step Ladders vs Platform Ladders – Which Works Best for Your Job?

When it comes to workplace safety and even home safety, ladders have been cited as one of the leading causes for injury. One of the major reasons so many accident occur with a ladder is simply because the wrong ladder was chosen for the job.

A step ladder may be the perfect choice for one type of job, while a platform ladder may work better for another. Here’s a quick look at the differences between step ladders and platform ladders.

The Biggest Difference Between a Step Ladder and a Platform Ladder

While there are a few minor differences between these two types of ladders, the biggest difference is the actual platform found on the platform ladder. With a step ladder, you’ll be standing on a 3″ ladder rung, while a platform ladder actually provides a much larger platform to stand on.

The platform offers the ability for the user to stand with both feet firmly planted on a surface usually 12″ x 18″ or larger. With a step ladder, the users will be standing just on a step.

Step Ladders vs. Platform Ladders – The Price

While a step ladder is often cheaper to buy than a platform ladder, the benefit of a larger standing surface makes the platform ladder worth it, in some cases. Often, the user can stand at the same height on a larger platform compared to just a ladder rung on a step ladder.

Comparing a 6-foot platform ladder to an 8-foot step ladder, the user will be standing at the same height on the platform as they would on the second rung down on the step ladder. Since basic ladder safety states you should never stand higher than the 2nd rung on a step ladder, it’s easy to see how the larger standing surface provides better safety.

In many circumstances, a platform ladder provides a better choice than a step ladder. However, step ladders do come in at a lower price and may provide a good budget option. Regardless of the ladder you choose, make sure you understand basic ladder safety before using the ladder for any type of job.

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