stepladder and plank scaffolding over staircase option

Scaffolding Options for Staircases

So you have a situation where you need to reach something over a staircase or need to work over a staircase. If may seem like a difficult task, but it really isn’t. You do have a few options available to try if you have a couple of things at your disposal.

little giant ladder over a staircaseArticulating Ladder Only
One option is to use an articulating ladder like a Little Giant Ladder.  An articulating ladder is one that bends or folds in different directions. But this is not a convenient solution if you need to move side to side a bit to accomplish your task. If this is the case, a better option is to create a temporary scaffold.

Stepladder Scaffold
One option is to use a stepladder and plank. To do this, measure the distance between the bottom of the staircase and the highest step you will be placing the plank. Make sure to add a couple of feet to accommodate the plank going through a rung on the stepladder, and the overlapping of the plank on the highest step. You want to make sure you can butt the plank up against the rise of the next step.

Open the step ladder and place on the floor in front of the staircase. Slide the plank through a rung on the stepladder that is level with the highest step of the staircase you intend to overlap with the plank. Make sure the plank is as level as possible. Do not add anything to the highest step of the staircase to increase the height as this could be hazardous.

Stepladder and Articulating Ladder
Another option is to use a stepladder,  an articulating ladder, and a plank. If you do not what is needed, consider borrowing or renting the equipment you don’t have.

Open the stepladder at the top of the stairs. Set the articulating ladder on the floor at the base of the staircase. Partially open the articulating ladder and adjusting it so that the shorter side rests on several steps up. Then extend the plank between a rung on the articulating ladder and a rung on the stepladder at the top of the staircase. Again, you want to make sure the plank is as level as possible to be safe.

Mini Scaffolding
rent or buy scaffolding at Sunset Ladder & ScaffoldThe best and safest option is to use mini scaffolding that is just right for the stairs. Mini scaffolding has a platform with two end frames and braces attached.

If you do not own the mini scaffold, consider renting it from a company like Sunset Ladder & Scaffold for a minor cost. They rent scaffolding and sell scaffolding since 1929. If you intend to use the mini scaffolding a lot, the better option of course would be to purchase it.

Connect the platform to the end frames at the appropriate height at the base of the staircase. Put the opposite end of the highest step, and securing the braces.

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