Parts of a Step Ladder

Knowing the various parts of a step ladder allows you to know, order, and repair appropriate parts when necessary. Knowing the various parts of a step ladder is also valuable for you when it comes to buying a new stepladder and completely understanding the newest features being offered.

A Step Ladder is a ladder that when open, is self-supporting, when closed, the hinged design allows for easy storage. Single-sided step ladders are intended to be used by one person, while a double-sided step ladder can be used by two people, one on either side.

parts of a single sided and double sided step ladder

They come in a range of sizes from 4 feet to 20 feet in length along the side rail and cannot be adjusted for additional height. Stepladders shorter than 4 feet are referred to as Step Stools.

The highest point you can stand on a Step Ladder is roughly two feet from the top of the ladder. It is highly recommended that a person not stand on the top cap, or on the top step or rung due to a high probability of tipping resulting in a serious ladder injury. Therefore, when planning a job where you need to reach something at a high level, add the user’s height to the measurement of the highest standing level of the stepladder to achieve the maximum reach.

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