new lightweight fiberglass extension ladders that are as light as aluminum extension ladders

New Lightweight Fiberglass Extension Ladder as Light as Aluminum Extension Ladder

ez lift fiberglass ladder as light as aluminum ladderIt has been about 5 years since Sunset Ladder & Scaffold first introduced their EZ LiftTM Fiberglass Extension Ladders. This is a great product that is worth telling you about again! The EZ LiftTM Extension Ladder is the most advanced light weight ladder in the industry today! Just imagine a fiberglass extension ladder that is as light as aluminum extension ladders!

Anyone who works with a fiberglass ladder knows, fiberglass ladders can be a bit heavy, and the farther they extend, the heavier they are! Having to lift and relocate a fiberglass extension ladder often during your work day or project can cause muscle fatigue and therefore a safety hazard.

15-20 Percent Lighter
EZ LiftTM Fiberglass Ladders are 15-20 percent lighter than the standard fiberglass extension ladder. They are constructed with a uniform D-rung for comfort and ease of use. No round rungs to fatigue the users’ feet. The traditional C-channel allows for full size side rails to achieve a maximum of weight savings without the removal of rail material. This provides assurance for long lasting durability and safety. And there is no exposure to internal fiberglass materials to deteriorate or injure the user.

ez lift fiberglass ladder as light as aluminum ladderExtension Ladder Features
Sunset Ladder & Scaffold’s new proprietary pultrusion technology (patent pending) enables the EZ LiftTM Extension Ladder to be the lightest industrial grade extension ladder in the world. They are available as Type1A with 300 pound load capacity and Type1AA with 375 pound load capacity in lengths from 13 feet to 28 feet. Other features of this incredible ladder include non-marring end caps, steel safety shoes, and rope & pulley for models of 20 feet and taller. There are also a number of available options.

If you need to buy an extension ladder, why not buy an extension ladder that is as light as aluminum extension ladders, while also being safe to use around electrical components? See EZ LiftTM Fiberglass Ladder for more information and special pricing.

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