what are ladder jacks and how to use ladder jacks

How to Setup and Use Ladder Jack Scaffold

ladder jack scaffold in useA ladder jack scaffold is a cost effective and portable temporary scaffold system. It is often used to perform a variety of activities such as installing building exteriors or painting exterior trim. Ladder jack scaffold systems are commonly used by contractors because of their quick erection and dismantling procedures, as well as their adaptability in narrow spaces.

What is a Ladder Jack Scaffold?
Ladder jacks are triangular-shaped brackets which attach to 2 portable ladders to form the means of support for a platform. There are two types of ladder jack bracket devices:

side rail ladder jackSide Rail Ladder Jack Device
(Over the rail and rung)
This style of ladder jack is installed onto the railing and rungs of a pair of extension ladders or single ladder. The planking is then slid into position along the side of the bracket to create a work platform.

Two or Three Rung Bracket Ladder Jack Devices
(Over the rungs only)
This style of ladder jacks hook directly onto two or three ladder rungs. The planking is then placed on top of the brackets to create a work platform.

2 and 3 rung ladder jacks

Before Each Use

  • Inspect all equipment for damage. This includes the 2 ladders, ladder jacks, and planking
  • Verify that all parts are in good working condition and ensure that all nuts are tight.
  • Do not use bent, cracked, damaged or substitute parts.
  • Ensure that the ladder jack is adjusted so that it is parallel to the ground to create a level platform.
  • Securely tighten the ladder Jack’s wing nuts to prevent slippage during use.
  • If using the two- or three-rung ladder jack, ensure that the rectangular brackets are fitted securely onto the ladder rungs in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If using the side rail ladder jack, secure the upper round hooks and the lower brackets of the device onto the ladder’s side rails, then rest the brackets onto the rungs, and secure the platform gusset plate onto the adjustable notches at center.

Additional Resources
Much of the information for this article is provided by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association).  You can download OSHA Fact Sheet for Ladder Jack Scaffolds here.

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