How to Put Multiple Extension Ladders Together

Do you want to know how to put multiple extension ladders together to make one extremely tall ladder? In a few words “DON’T DO THAT”

Just wanted to get your attention! Now that I’ve got it, watch the video below of a man in India who put several extension ladders together so that he could reach and fix air conditioning units while they were still installed on the higher floors of this building.

Did you notice how the extension ladder at the base of this make-shift tall extension ladder bends? Incredibly unsafe. It gives me the shivers just to watch this man. Some people might say he’s brave… nope… just stupid.

You should NEVER put ladders together unless they were designed for that purpose. There are many safer options available:

Rent or Buy Extension Ladders
Here in the USA, you can rent or buy extremely tall extension ladders. Extension ladders range in length from 16 feet up to and exceeding 40 feet tall. All non-self supported or leaning ladders should extend a minimum distance of 3 feet past the edge they rest against but not more than 4 feet.

Rent or Buy Scaffolding
If you need to work high off the ground while standing on a tall ladder, you would only have one hand to do the repair with the other hand holding onto the ladder. The man in the video would have been better off renting and erecting scaffolding. If you need to fix something high off the ground, it is always safer to rent scaffolding where you can stand on a platform and use both hands to complete the job. Not to mention quite a bit faster than using only one hand.

Little Giant Skyscraper MXZ
Another option is the Little Giant Skyscraper ladder from Ladder Depot. It is the world’s tallest A-frame ladder with a maximum height of 21 feet. The Little Giant Skyscraper ladders are telescoping, meaning they can change in height, however they only function as A-frame ladders and can not be placed in the extended position. Each Skyscraper model is able to fold down into a convenient storage position so that you don’t need an extraordinarily large space to keep the ladder while it is not in use. For information about how to extend the ladder, please check out our Little Giant Skyscraper video at our Little Giant Ladder Depot website.

Call Sunset Ladder & Scaffold
Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Co. rents and sells ALL types of ladders and scaffolding that the industry offers. We have supplied our customers with the safest and highest quality ladders, scaffolding and related products available since 1929. Our team of experts are ready to advise you of the many options available to you. Call (800) 660-1311.

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Sunset Ladder and Scaffold rents and sells the safest and highest quality ladders, scaffolding and related products available since 1929. We rent and sell ALL types of ladders and scaffolding that the industry offers including our own American-made Sunset Ladder Co and EZ Lift brands.

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