article about how to measure replacment attic ladder

How to Measure Replacement Attic Ladder

Attic ladders are ladders that fold down from the attic to allow easy access to your attic. Attic ladders are very convenient for homeowners. When it is time to replace your existing attic ladder, it is easiest to replace the attic ladder with a new attic ladder of the same size.

This article will explain how to measure your existing attic ladder opening to replace it with a new attic ladder of the same size. If you want to learn how to measure for a new attic ladder or an attic ladder of a different size to replace the one you have now, please see our article and how-to video “How to Measure Attic Ladder Rough Opening”. We have other instructional articles about measuring new attic ladders, complete with how to videos for “How to Measure Landing Space for Attic Ladders” and “How to Measure the Projection Space/Swing Clearance for Attic Ladders”.

Now, continuing with replacing your existing attic ladder with the same size attic ladder; start with your attic ladder in the closed position.

how to measure the width and height of an existing attic ladderMeasure the width from the inside of the trim molding, but outside of the attic ladder frame from the left side to the right side of the attic ladder frame.

Measure the length from the hinged side of the attic ladder frame to the opposite side of the attic ladder frame. Place your measurement along the edge so that your measuring tape stays in a straight line.

The next measurement will be for the length of the stairs. Place your tape measure flush with the ceiling directly to the side of the attic ladder and drop the tape measure to the floor. This may difficult to do by yourself, so get someone to help you with taking this measurement. You may think this measurement won’t work because the attic ladder stairs come down at an angle. But rest assured, most of the boxes the attic ladders are shipped in provide a ceiling height for installation purposes.

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