difference between buying aluminum ladders or buying fiberglass ladders

Difference Between Aluminum Ladders and Fiberglass Ladders

Today’s most common options for ladders are; buy aluminum ladders, buy fiberglass ladders, or buy wooden ladders. Today’s post is about the differences between aluminum ladders and fiberglass ladders. You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of both types before buying the ladder.

Similar Benefits for Aluminum and Fiberglass Ladders
First I want to make note of the similarities between aluminum ladders and fiberglass ladders. They are both comparable in a couple of areas; load capacity and price. Load capacity is the total amount of weight (ladder, you, and your tools) that the ladder can safely hold. Most ladder models, whether aluminum or fiberglass have similar load capacities that ranges between 250 pounds and 375 pounds. Additionally, similar aluminum and fiberglass models are priced very close. The actual price may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Considerations for Buying Aluminum Ladders
Aluminum ladders are just as strong as fiberglass ladders, but aluminum ladders are more light weight and can be moved around more easily. However there are some drawbacks to consider before buying an aluminum ladder. Mainly, aluminum ladders conduct electricity. So if you work around or near power lines or other electrical components, it would be safer to buy a fiberglass ladder rather than an aluminum ladder.  Another thing to consider is if you work around chemicals or live near the beach because chemicals and salt water environments tend to weaken aluminum ladders.

ez lift fiberglass ladder as light as aluminum ladderConsiderations for Buying Fiberglass Ladders
Electricians often buy fiberglass ladders because fiberglass does not act as a conduit for electricity. And fiberglass ladders tend to not corrode from chemicals or salt water environments. Fiberglass ladders are very rugged ladders but do weigh more than aluminum ladders. They require little maintenance and can last for years to come. See How to Maintain Your Fiberglass Ladder  post to learn more.

Considerations for Buying an EZ Lift Fiberglass Ladder
Sunset Ladder & Scaffold has a new proprietary fiberglass ladder which gives the same non-conductive, corrosion resistance benefits of fiberglass, while at the same time, being 15 percent to 20 percent lighter than standard fiberglass ladders, essentially making them as light as aluminum ladders. The benefits of buying aluminum ladders or buying fiberglass ladders all wrapped into one. At the present time, this proprietary fiberglass pultrusion technology is only available as extension ladders. Visit their webpage EZ Lift Fiberglass Extension Ladders to learn more.

About Sunset Ladder & Scaffold
Sunset Ladder and Scaffold rents and sells the safest and highest quality ladders, scaffolding and related products available since 1929. We rent and sell ALL types of ladders and scaffolding that the industry offers including our own American-made Sunset Ladder Co and EZ Lift brands.

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