choosing the best scaffolding for your job

Choosing the Best Scaffold System

sunset ladder south el monte scaffold warehouseSunset Ladder and Scaffold Company sells a complete line of scaffold products. Some examples are the Sunset Ladder & Scaffold brand “EZ LiftTM Aluminum Scaffold”, Werner Aluminum Scaffold, Advantage Utility Scaffold, Sunset brand Utility Scaffold, and the list goes on.

Aluminum scaffolding is sold in three convenient ways or systems: Towers, Sections, and Components.

Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers are easy and convenient to order. They are available in standard lengths of 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet. Platform heights range up to 23 feet!

Scaffold towers come in three different widths; 29 inch wide, commonly known as Narrow Span Towers, and 4 ½ foot wide, known as Wide Span Towers, and lastly Stairway Towers.

Each of these tower configurations are shipped complete with outriggers, guard rails, toe boards, and planks with access doors which allow the user to climb the tower from the inside.

sunset ladder south el monte scaffold warehouseScaffold Sections

Scaffold sections allow the user to easily add height to an existing scaffold tower. Scaffold sections also come in lengths of 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet.

And because scaffold sections are built to add additional height to scaffold towers, they too, come in 29 inch wide Narrow Span Sections, 4 ½ foot Wide Span Sections, and Stairway Sections.

Scaffold Components

Individual scaffolding components provide the most flexibility during installation. They allow the user to easily convert to different lengths and heights.

All individual scaffold components are sold separately for 29 inch wide Narrow Span scaffold, 4 ½ foot Wide Span scaffold, and for Stairway scaffold.

sunset ladder warehouse showing scaffold inventoryGet Help from the Scaffold Experts

This guide helps you to understand the simple ways aluminum scaffolding is sold and the standard widths, lengths, and heights available. The actual “putting together” of all the scaffold towers, sections, or components can become a daunting task depending on how complex your scaffold need is.

Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Company has supplied its customers with the safest and highest quality scaffolding and related products since 1929! Our team of experts are the best informed in the scaffold industry. You can confidently rely on us to help you figure out exactly what scaffolding towers, sections, and components you need for your project. Make it easy on yourself, give us a call at (800) 660-1311 and let our scaffold experts advise you of the many scaffold options available.

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Sunset Ladder & Scaffold sells all the safest and highest quality scaffolding, ladders, and related products available since 1929. Give us a call to discuss what scaffolding you need and all the scaffolding options available to you. Our scaffolding experts can make it easy for you!