how to compare the cost of little giant ladders

Are You Paying the Lowest Price for Your Little Giant Ladder?

Most consumers on the internet today shop prices for items between several different sites. At first glance comparing prices across different websites seem like a no-brainer. How hard can it be?  It’s just a matter of using your time to look up the unit price.

Then there are sites that do the comparison for you and present you with the results. But again, they are only comparing the UNIT price listed on the websites they searched. This saves you time, but does it really save you money?

The Hidden Cost
Shopping for a Little Giant Ladder System online and comparing prices between different eCommerce sites should involve some other considerations to compare as well if you want to get the best price. Those two items would be SALES TAX and SHIPPING.

Some Little Giant Ladder resellers may show a slightly less unit cost on their website, but they will ADD tax and shipping to the product in the shopping cart. Some retailers might even raise the cost of their shipping in order to recoup some of the money they lost in listing a lower unit price. Between sales tax and shipping, this can add $100 to $200 more to the unit cost of the ladder. Yikes!

free shipping and no sales tax on little giant laddersThen there are sites like, a Little Giant Ladder eCommerce site that offers No Sales Tax AND Free Shipping. Their unit price for the same ladder model might initially appear slightly higher at first glance, BUT you don’t pay for sales tax saving you an average of 8% of the unit cost (or whatever rate your State charges for sales tax) AND ANOTHER $50 to $200 in shipping fees!

The Real Cost
So when doing comparison shopping online, whether for a Little Giant Ladder System, or any other product for that matter, make sure you do the math and add the cost of three factors:

  • Unit Cost, plus
  • Sales Tax, plus
  • Shipping Cost

Another thing to consider when shopping for the best price: Are there any Little Giant Ladder Accessories included at no charge (or at a reduced price) when you purchase their ladder? If so, then subtract the cost of the free item (or reduced cost of the item) to see the REAL PRICE you’re paying when you buy the Little Giant Ladder System.

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