photo showing a variety of rolling warehouse safety ladders

All about Rolling Warehouse Safety Ladders

Safety ladders are needed when you store items on high shelves as it is difficult and cumbersome to haul everything up and down a ladder. The hassle of holding onto the ladder while carrying bulk items makes it unsafe and annoying at best.

Safety ladders are used by many warehouses, retail outlets, storage facilities, fire stations, and truck stops. They are equipped with features made to make the stairs easily mobile, as well as safety features.

The Safety ladder, also known as Rolling Warehouse Ladder, Rolling Safety Ladder, or Rolling Stairs makes carrying items to high shelves as easy as walking up stairs. Hand rails are placed on the top as well as the sides for user safety and stability. Casters are built in most ladder models to provide ease of mobility. There are locks next to some wheels to keep the ladder in place, or spring-loaded casters to lock into place once weight is applied to the ladder. And there are a variety of tread styles available for the steps. Rolling Warehouse Safety Ladders are available from 1 step to 19 steps.

Rolling Safety Ladder Materials

Rolling warehouse safety ladders are built out of three different materials; Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Steel. If you are an electrician, it is best to use the fiberglass variety as it does not conduct electricity. If you work in food processing plants or chemical plants, the aluminum variety is best as aluminum doesn’t corrode from the air-borne particles. For all other uses, steel is best for its durability and performance because rolling steel safety ladders have an OSHA duty rating of 600 to 800 pound capacity; whereas rolling aluminum safety ladders have an OSHA duty rating of only 300 to 350 pound capacity. Steel safety ladders are considered the most popular of the three varieties. And there is a bigger selection of steel safety ladders than there are aluminum or fiberglass varieties.

Rolling Safety Ladder Types

There are two types of rolling safety ladders; single entry and double entry:

photo showing double entry rolling warehouse safety ladder– Double Entry Ladder
The double entry rolling safety ladder, also known as crossover ladder, has stairs on two sides of the ladders (hence the name double entry). These types of ladders are typically mounted to the floor allowing for safe and efficient passage over equipment and other obstacles in the warehouse. There are safety hand rails from the first step, across, and over to the last step. There are rubber pads on both ends to lock the ladder into position. Some double entry ladders are equipped with casters for ease of mobility.

– Single Entry Ladder
The single entry rolling safety ladder is the typical warehouse ladder. It is the more popular of the two types of warehouse ladders and is mainly used in stockrooms and warehouses as the name implies. They provide sturdy mobile stairs to give access to high shelves and work areas.

Single Entry Rolling Safety Ladder Types

There are multiple types of single entry rolling warehouse ladders that can fit whatever your need:

photo showing single entry rolling wareshouse safety ladder– Easy Turn Directional Safety Ladder
The easy turn directional rolling safety ladder gives you the ability to maneuver the rolling ladder through narrow aisles or confined spaces. The easy turn directional rolling safety ladder usually is made with 6 to 12 steps and has two sets of spring-loaded casters that will lock into place once weight is applied to the ladder. Depending on the height of the ladder, the width is made at 34”, 39”, or 42” up to 12 steps. For stairs up to 16 steps, the width is typically made at 39” and 42”.

– All Directional Safety Ladder

The all directional safety ladder is even thinner than the easy turn directional variety. It is usually made with 6 to 12 steps and comes with five spring-loaded casters instead of four. Having the fifth caster allows you to pivot the ladder and maneuver in tighter corners. The width is typically made at 24”, 30”. And 32” up to 12 steps with 40” and 42” up to 16 steps.

photo showing tilt and roll safety ladder– Rolling Safety Ladder with Work Platform
The rolling safety ladder with the work platform is designed with a large platform at the top of the stairs. The platform is 24” or 36’ wide which give room for tools or additional people to work in. It is usually made with 2, 3, or 4 steps.

– Tilt and Roll Safety Ladder
The tilt and roll type safety ladder is usually made in 3 to 6 steps. The wheels are on the front so you can pull back on the hand bars and wheel it into position. There are no bars underneath so you can straddle it over small obstacles.

– Fold Away Safety Ladders
The folding and rolling safety ladder allows you to fold and compact the rolling safety ladder for easy and compact storage. Most usually are made for 5 to 12 steps, but the Sunset Ladder brand Folding Rolastair comes in 6 steps through 19 steps. And there are a variety of tread styles available for the steps. See our Folding & Rolling Warehouse Safety Ladders on our website for more details.

fold away rolling warehouse safety ladder

Whatever style of ladder you need, when you’re ready to buy a rolling warehouse safety ladder, call Sunset Ladder Company at (800) 600-1311. We sell Sunset Ladder brand rolling warehouse safety ladders, as well as other ladder brands from leading manufacturers. We show just a few with the MANY options on our Rolling Warehouse Safety Ladders page on our website, but remember to CALL us if you don’t see what you want because we can supply you with whatever style of rolling safety ladder you want at an exceptional price with superior customer service!

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